Sunday, December 8, 2013


Here are some more random poems I've written:

Words're like knives,
Swords to my heart.
You say it's a joke,
But it cuts deep.
I am a book,
Your words are fire.
They tear my heart,
Polute my mind.
My soul is caught,
Underneath you.
Underneath words
That come from you.
The words that tear
My heart in half.
The words that end
My worthless life.

I'm a drop of ink
In ocean tides
Too strange to blend
Too strange to friend

If you would give me
Just a little love
Wrap my heart with yours
Care about my tears
And heal my life's scars
Then perhaps
I'd be whole again

Every day:
The tears, they flow
Every day
The words, they hurt
Every day
The pain, it's new
Every day
The wounds, they're new
Every day
The scars, they stay
Every day

Why must I cry?
Why must I hurt?
Why must I feel
Like I'm in hell?
Where'd the sun go?
Where's my hope gone?
Where's the happy
I want to feel?
Why am I fat?
Why'm I ugly?
Why do I feel
So worthless now?
Why do I have
To be this way?

Wand'ring thoughts,
Unwanted tears
Lonely dark
All around me
Scars and pain
Control my mind
I'm alone
So no one knows
My story
Is ending now


Well I hope you like 'em!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Not alone

 Here's a song I wrote for all ya'll who are going through tough times

Relive those memories
The flashbacks through the night
The tears and pain, and scars remain
Though the years have brought on change

You feel like no one cares
'Bout all that you've been through
Spend your nights cryin, days smilin'
Though you're dying on the inside

Though you're dying on the inside

**Oh smile!
For I am here for you!
Oh smile!
My care can heal your scars!
Oh  smile!
I care about your tears!
Oh smile!
My love can heal your heart!
Cause you
Are not alone**

Yeah time matters not
Your memories still burn
Your scars have closed through time and change
Yet the inside ones still bleed

Broken heart for so long
Yet it's new every day
You've made it this far don't give in
To the grief inside your heart

The grief inside your heart


Love is all you've needed
Something you did not have
Through the years that have gone by
And it's catching up to you

Don't take a step too far
Don't let the darkness in
Look past the dark skies, there's a sun
You just have to see the truth

You just have to see the truth


Monday, November 4, 2013

More Poems

Here are two more short poems:

Her thoughts are her own hell
Spends her days stayin out
But can't escape at night
Wanders around her thoughts
Crying herself to sleep
Cuts and scars scattered round
Memories forever
But no one's seen the ain
She keeps in inside her
Scared she'll hurt someone else
By letting her hell out


Cries in her sleep
Yells though her dreams
But can't escape
Locked in her thoughts
Sleep was heaven
Til she grew up

Her life is more
Than meets the eye
Beneath the clothes
Lay brand new scars
With memories
From past and now

She's got reasons
High as the sky
Not that she'll tell
Anyone else
Just thinks all night
Caught in her dreams


Monday, October 7, 2013

Random Short Poems

So, I was bored and had nothing to do, so I wrote a bunch of random, short poems. I don't have names for them, if you think of one comment please!

Evreythin's her fault
Or so they say.
Yellin an fightin
Is all she ever hears.
The cuts on her thighs
Grow worse and worse.
But nobody knows
Cause she's so fake.
Smiling and laughing
Only on the outside.
Pain and cryin
But only by night.
Can't let someone see,
Can't let someone hear.
Can't let someone know
What's tearin her apart

Her mourning days are over
Her pool of tears is dry
Pain and remorse are gon
Cuts and scrapes are healed
Anger and screams are nigh
As she passes into a higher sky

Lip trembling
Hand shaking
Tears pouring
Blood dripping
Wrists are lined
With the past
A torn past
A torn present
Forever seems to long
For someone
Someone like me

She finely* breaks
She finely *crys
Crys the tears
She's kept so long
It's been so hard
But she's been strong
Until the day
They broke her down

*Yes guys, I'm aware I spelled that wrong. But that's how you would say it if you were to read this out loud cause "finally" has too many syllables.


Smile now, 'fore it's too late
For life goes by in a blink
You never know what it'll do
For an old lost soul
Who needs your love

Wel guys I hope you liked 'em!!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No One

Hey guys! So I wrote another poem. This one's much shorter:) Hope you guys enjoy!

No One:

E'ry one says she's fine
No one sees the tears
No one sees her pain

E'ry one says she's great
No one sees her scars
No one sees her thoughts

E'ry one says she's okay
No one really knows
No one knows her

So guys what do ya think? I've kinda been into writing sad stuff....Idk why but it just works with me. And if you think about it...this is how most teenagers live. Hidden underneath a fake smile, or forced laugh. It's the way this world works. Who's with me on trying to get that to stop?!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lil Bit More

So guys, here is a song I wrote. It's called 'Lil Bit More'

Oh they fought all the time
Slept alone every night
Now she's packing to leave

She says she would've stayed
But he ain't been to kind
'N he needed to learn

Sometimes we have to give
Sometimes we have to loose
Sometimes we have to love just a lil bit more
Sometimes we have to cave
Sometimes we have to bend
Sometimes we have to give just a lil bit more

She is a five year old girl
Don't know bout the world
Just that her mama had left

Her dady's a drunk
Her brother gets beat
'Cause they don't know


hidden scars and remorse
Couldn't take it no more
She took 'er own life

People would stare
People wold talk
'Cause sometimes we forget


People shoulda cared
People shoulda seen
People shoulds loved

People shoulda realized
People shoulda listened
People shoulda known



Hope you guys enjoy it!!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hey guys! It's been sooooo long since I last posted, sorry about that! I've been going through some stuff, and just been really busy....But here's a poem I wrote!!


Silent tears roll down her face,
she spends her days in tears and pain.
Regretted scars both in and out,
she sees herself with scolding eyes.
Never sees the beauty within,
only ugly scars, sins, and pain.
She once was strong but now she's broke,
scared no one can fix her heart.
Who will come, who will try,
who will fix a broken girl?
Who will care just enough,
to see the pain this heart is in?
Who will fix a shattered heart,
who will know exactly how?
Who will give a broken girl,
the things to be strong again?
Who will tell her she's pretty,
who will say she's wanted?
Who will treat her right,
who will mend her corrupted heart?
Who will make her future bright,
who will shun her blackened past?
Who will hold her tight with love,
who will care both day and nigh?
Who will make her see the beauty,
who will make her see the good?
Who will take her wary hand,
and lead her through the hearder parts?
Who will make her feel happy,
who will make her be merry?
Who can fix a girl like me,
who can mend a heart like mine?

1) please no plagarising:D I just realized it's possible cause I don't have my real name on this stuff...but please don't:)

2)I hope you guys liked it!

3) I didn't actually write this about me, it was just kinda how I imagine broken girls feel...if that makes]

4) Please let me know what ya'll think!!


Friday, March 1, 2013

The Weather Man

So, this is the Proluge to a book I'm writing for an after-school class I take. I have a younger brother who has quite the imagination, and so when I had writers block, he came up with this idea, and let me use it.

       I blew across the area of map representing The Gogi Desert. Down on earth a hot wind rose, swirling the sand around. After this I drew clouds and sprayed droplets of water over the nothern corner of SOuth America. As I smoothed the wrinkles in the Pacific Ocean, the waves calmed, and the tide pulled away from the shores breifly before moving back in. I brightened and intensifiedthe heat of the holographic sun, slowly creeping it ever so slightly over half the map, at the same time as shifting the picture of a moon ever so slightly to the west, on the opposite half of the map.

       That's what I do. I'm the weather man.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finding Camda

This is a chapter from a book I started writing about two months ago. I haven't done much with it lately but I think I'm going to continue writing it slowly. I'm not going to explain much of the plot, partly 'cause I don't want my viewers to get too into it, and then not finish it, but also because the first chapter explains some of it.

Chapter 1-Totaled-
I quickly swerved right, narrowly missing the red Ford truck headed straight toward me. I over corrected. Sliding onto two wheels I screamed as my new Toyota tipped over and began rolling down a small hill next to the road.
I woke up strapped down to a bed. A hospital bed. For those of you who don't know, I hate hospitals. Their anesthetic smell makes me queasy, and all the white made me cringe. I mean, who would want to see what is on the sheets, and walls? Anyway you get the point. I struggled against the straps but I couldn't get free. I was about to start yelling, but just then some one in a white lab coat walked in.
“Well James,” the doctor said to me“according to my observations you are doing better than your car. All you have are some bruises, and a small concussion from when you're head slammed into your steering wheel. All in all you're in much better shape than you should be.” he paused looking at me oddly. “You're strapped down so that you don't hurt yourself while you're unconscious.” he added seeing me struggle against the scratchy straps.
I guess I forgot to mention, I'm not from this dimension. Yeah, it's weird but it's the way it is. I'm from a different dimension named Camda. When I was eight I found out that my adult friend, Dr. Taylor, knew about something that would happen in the future. She also knew about my unique abilities, and many survival skills, and so she found a way, and sent me here to this strange world. I remember everything about Camda. All except how to get back. One of my unique skills is that I don't get hurt easily. I could fall off a fifty story building, and end up with at most a sprained ankle and a concussion.
I get it, I'm a freak, the doctors don't need to rub it in.
“However, on the subject of your car,” he paused hesitantly “I'm afraid it was totaled.”
“It was totaled!?!?” I asked stunned. I had gotten that car just a week ago, on my 16th birthday. Okay, it was my 16th birthday here, it was my tenth birthday where I came from. Anyway, it was REALLY special to me. The only parents I really knew had given it to me. Back in Camda I had been abandoned at the age of four, but made my way by myself from there. Here I had been put in the foster system, but the first foster parents that I had adopted me two years ago.
It took me a while to be able to speak again, but finally I did “Where are my parents?”
“They should be here any minute,” he said “they were contacted and are on their way.” Just as he finished saying this a woman with auburn hair and green eyes entered with a man of the same complexion.
“Mom! Dad!” I exclaimed as they came over and, unstrapping my wrists, gave me amazingly strong hugs. “I'm so glad to see you!”
“Are you okay? Are you okay?” my mom kept questioning me while she looked me over. Finally satisfied she stepped back. Only then did I notice my dad talking to the doctor, who had a wondering look on his face.
“Do you need anything?” the doctor asked my parents.
“No,” my mom said immediately “but, when will James be able to come home?”
“Just as soon as you sign some papers, and bring your car around,” he said cheerfully. But I could tell from his tone that he had more to say. Or ask.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What Are Gangs Really?

Here is a short essay I wrote on current gangs. In school we had been studying The Outsiders by Hinton S.E, and this was a final prodject that I did on it.

What are Gangs Really?
     Many people believe that gangs are just a bunch of immature teens, looking for trouble. Many also believe gangs only appear in novels such as The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, and other fictional stories. Gangs are much, much more than that. They have reasons, they are real, and they may be closer than thought.

       First off, ten persent of America's teens have parental stress along with anger, hurt, and other hormonal issues. If teens have any one of these problems they feel that they have to prove to the world that they are "cooler" than that. Some of the things that today's teens consider "cool" include drinking alcohol under age, getting into trouble with the police, and smoking under age, along with many others. Children and teens rob stores, mug fellow students, and vandalize school property just out of peer pressure! Gangs are not always about the trouble, and they don’t like getting put in jail. That's why they run.

       Second, gangs are presented widely among novels, videos, and T.V. shows such as Bones, N.C.I.S., and The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton. This does not mean that they are all fictional characters. There are many real world gangs, like the Latin Kings, Devil's Disciples, and Los Zetas. These gangs are known for their cruel measures, and encounters with legal forces. They kidnap, mug, or even murder many real people, not just actors, as well as robing grocery stores and other petty crimes.

       In conclusion, gangs are everywhere, not just in the big cities or high schools. There are hundreds if not thousands of gangs made up of middle schoolers. Any kid can join, all they have to prove is that they are tough. These gangs may not go as far as murder, but they mug and bully younger children all the time. These small gangs may in the future be known nationwide for the same cruel acts as the current ones, but only if they are not stopped now. Gang safety is sparsely taught about around the nation, but it is underrated. Parents believe that their children are safe, that their children would never do a thing like that. How would they know better if they aren't taught differently? Understandably just telling them may not always be enough, but at least children will be warned.